About Us

Queen City Arms, LLC was established October, 2015 and we opened our store for business a few months after that in early December. We started off with a few simple guidelines that slowly began to define us. Be the good guys – When we entered this we didn’t want to be just another shop, we wanted to be part of a community. We wanted to be welcoming, caring, and honest with our customers. That is why we make sure every rare or hard-to-get item that comes is put out for sale to the general public at our standard markup. Sure, we like making money; but we believe in doing so by building a positive relationship with our customers. Transparency – Things should always be straightforward and clear for your customers: no price games, haggling, fluctuations, or price-gouging on rare or hard-to-get items. Everyone should feel like they are getting a fair deal every day. Because of this belief, we set our prices to reflect a straight markup. If we get a good deal on something; you get a good deal on something. Share knowledge, not opinions – We recognize everyone has preferences and opinions, but we do best to stick to the facts and help you using our knowledge and experience rather than any opinions/preferences we may have. We don’t know everything – We don’t know everything, nor do we pretend too. We never want anyone to feel bad for asking a question, everyone has different knowledge levels and skills. We welcome everyone of all experience levels into our shop, and if you ask us something we don’t know, we will do our best to find out. Who knows, maybe we'll both learn something! There are elements of your business that form outside of your control as grow and enter the world, your place in the community, what you become known for, what the general opinion of your shop is… But through all of those things I like to think our core values still help define us today as the positive force we strive to be.